Stojan Klarendić, born 1954. Many years of experience like captain on gulets. Love sea and sailing, very sociable. Enjoys in conversations with different people and many kind of topics.


Danijela Damjanović, born 1980. One of The best with ropes and boat equipment. Before she worked on cruise ships, but love sailing. In free time playing, tradicional wire instrument, "Tamburica" with orchestra.


Jure Damjanović, born 1984. In youth, traveled much of the world and met many cultures and their cuisines. In free time produces sculpture, using many kind of materials.


Damir Klarendić, born 1973. A man with many years experience, who knows very well all the ship's systems either mechanical, electric or electronic, in addition, he is a diver. After duties he most like to relax on motorcycle through Dalmatian nature.